Clark County Medical Society advocates on behalf of the physicians of Clark County

In 2013, we were active with the following

Annual Legislative Day where a delegation from Clark County met with legislators to press our concerns about

  • The B&O tax that was to sunset in 2013, but would have been repealed in the budget process
  • Health care quality improvement protections for physicians as set out in Medical Staff Bylaws
  • Requiring fair contracting and licensure provisions with insurance companies
  • Protecting provider compensation agreements
  • Medicaid access issues associated with certain managed care companies not having adequate networks in the County
  • The role of Columbia United Providers in managing Medicaid patients in Clark County
  • Increasing the number of PAs that can work under an individual physician’s supervision from three to five
  • Improved funding for the Prescription Monitoring Program, from sources other than physician fees
  • Support for two FQHC grant applications within Clark County
  • Support for studies to address concerns about the health of individuals living near the path of coal trains to proposed coastal coal terminals

At the Annual General Assembly in Spokane, the Clark County delegation presented resolutions

  • Supporting the expansion of authority for public health nursing to provide STD antibiotics under protocol.
  • Encouraging the prohibition of electronic cigarette sales to minors

The delegation also weighed in on numerous other issues such as

  • Protecting access to reproductive services in the face of hospital system consolidation
  • Enhancing gun safety education when appropriate as well as criminal background checks for gun buyers
  • Fairness in contracting
  • Providing resources for physicians at risk of burnout
  • Helping preserve gradual medical education funding and infrastructure in the state

Many of the issues discussed at the Annual General Assembly are represented in proposed legislation to be supported at the 2014 Legislative Day.